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How to set java compiler source to 1.8?

I wrote a routine that uses some java 1.8 features.
On my machine I just went to 'Windows/Preferences' and set the compiler compliance level to 1.8 and everything worked fine.
Now when I try to run the job on Talend Administrator center I get the following error:
Exception in thread "Thread-17" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: 
     The method quote(String) in the type DatadogUtil is not applicable for the arguments (Object)
     Lambda expressions are allowed only at source level 1.8 or above

How do I tell Talend Administrator center to compile the project as java 1.8?
I also tried to change the source level by customising the project's pom.xml in the project settings but it did not work either.

Re: How to set java compiler source to 1.8?

Are your studio and server(commandline, TAC) on different machine? Have you already installed jdk 1.8 on server?
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