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How to select Huge CLOB and write it in flat file

Dear all,
I try to write the content of a CLOB in a flat file.
I'm using tJDBCinput to select the CLOB content. My Clob has a length of 585003900. (can be bigger)
In my first test i got an out-of-memory error.
my memory assigned is already on 2048 MB.
I read in different posts/forum that i had to change the type of the field as "Byte []".
But when i try this solution, i get following error :
--> java.sql.SQLException: Unsupported feature
I didn't find any other alternative to this problem.
Does someone has an idea on how to resolve this issue?
thanks in advance for all the help,
Best regards,
Community Manager

Re: How to select Huge CLOB and write it in flat file

Hi Christophe
A CLOB (Character Large Object) is a data type that can be used to store a large collection of character data in a database table, so we read the CLOB data as an Object on DB input component, and then convert the object to a plain string with a piece of Java code on tJavaFlex, please my screenshots, I show you an example job.
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