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How to schedule ESB job

Hi All,


I have created small esb job with tRestRequest --> tMap ---> tRestResponse.

I need to call TRestResquest every midnight automatically.

Can someone please help me on this?



Re: How to schedule ESB job



    If you would like to run it as a standalone job, you can use below detail from TAC User guide to schedule under Job Conductor.


    But if you would wish to run it as a service or route, you will have to make some changes and will have to use ESB Conductor to schedule the job.


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Re: How to schedule ESB job

You should deploy it in a runtime as a service.  And then call it as a rest API (according to the endpoint) you have defined. 


If you are trying to run it as batch, then you don't need tRestRequest and tRestResponse.  Since you included them, I believe you are developing a REST Data Service.