How to retrieve items data from Dyanmo DB column?

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How to retrieve items data from Dyanmo DB column?

Hi All,


Am trying to retrieve data from Dynamo DB using Talend DI 6.1.1 by using TJDBC input.I have configured with necessary jar files and also able to connect to DB. Am unable to retrieve the schema so have to define the schema manually. Now, am unable to pull the data where the column data type is "map" , it is pulled as null.

Sample Data:

Cust_id | Cust_Name

1  | { "first_name " : { "S" : " John" },{ "last_name " : { "S" : "Sunil" }}


In Cust_Name column, the data is looped in different items (NoSQL format), how to read this data as two different columns first_name and last_name ?



Any ideas would help.


Re: How to retrieve items data from Dyanmo DB column?


We have added support for Amazon's NoSQL database DynamoDB.

You can refer to the tDynamoDBInput and tDynamoDBOutput component references

Note: tDynamoDBXXX components will be available when you are using one of the Talend solutions with Big Data not open source.

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