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How to read a .ods file with talend

Hello !
I would like to work with an .ods file in Talend (Open Document Spreadsheet).
I try to use tFileInputExcel composant to read it, but I have an error which says "Unable to recognize OLE stream".
I also try with tFileInputDelimited but without success. Encoding does not seem to be good and talend returns me unreadable symbols.
Do you have a solution for reading ODS files ?

Thanks !!

Re: How to read a .ods file with talend

Could you please vote for the related feature jira issue, thanks for your contribution in talend.
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Re: How to read a .ods file with talend

Done, thanks !
if someone has a workaround I'm always interested

Re: How to read a .ods file with talend

Hi, please check Apache Tika, using it from tJava may help you.
As a side note it can be interesting to review the possibility of having an optional/separately downloadable Apache Tika Talend component which would process most of the well-known file formats out of the box