How to read a file directly from Cloud?

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How to read a file directly from Cloud?

Hi. I would like to have list of accounts (xls file) synced with my salesforce org. The xls file should be master and I would like to have it saved on Cloud (eg. Box, Dropbox or Google drive). I assumed Get components of Cloud family can read the file, however they just download it and save locally from where they can be read. Im trying to avoid this step, I would like my job to read the file directly from Cloud and update the data in Salesforce without local interaction. How can this be done? Many thanks 

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Re: How to read a file directly from Cloud?


You cannot read file content directly from Cloud using tGoogleXxxx, tBoxXxxx ot tDropboxXxxx components (at least with standard components).

The proposed components allow only Get and Put operations to transfer documents from and to the corresponding Cloud.

However, as soon as the job is running localy, you need to get the content localy before send the request to Salesforce.

Rember also that if you use Salesforce Bulk API from Talend, a file will be created localy before to be send to Salesforce.

The better you can do is to delete all files created localy at this end of the job.

Hope this helps.


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