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How to process the data save in SQL DB from tRestClient on Talend Open Studio for Big Data

Hello Everyone,


I am very new to everithing here Talend,Talend community,Rest,JSON,XML. 

Having said that, I needed to pull data from Zoho CRM using reporting API. 

I found a way to do it using tRestClient (data fetch working perfectly fine). Below is the screenshot of the job. 


But I am facing issue in saving this data into a table in MySQL DB. 

Need help in understanding which components I should use to bring data into a format that I can save into DB table. 


Also attached the data sheet I received after running the above job. 

csv_output.PNGcsv output configurationcsv_output_1.pngrest_client.pngtrestclient configuration

Thanks in advance...!!


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