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How to pass a cursor to an Oracle Procedure

I need to pass a cursor containing data from a database to an Oracle Stored Procedure that is on another dabatase.
Here are the steps I need to execute :
1) Extract data from database A and put it in a cursor
2) Call a Stored Procedure that is on another database and pass the cursor that contains data from database A to this procedure.
3) After execution of the Stored Proc, I need to retrieve the cursor that was passed to the Stored Proc as it now contains new information coming from database B where the Stored Proc has been executed.
4) Read the data that is now into the cursor coming back from Stored Proc and perform some operations with the returning data.
Is it something possible with Talend ? If yes, is it possible to get some explanation as I can not find anything on Internet.
I'm using Talend Enterprise Data Integration Team Edition 5.0.1
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Re: How to pass a cursor to an Oracle Procedure

You cannot pass a cursor from one database to another database. How do you thing should this work?
You can get data from a cursor in Talend into the memory and set the values as parameters for a call of an stored procedure in another database.
Your scenario is not possible as far as I know.