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How to pass Component's Name to connected TWarn?

Hey there,
I have 1 job with a couple tMySQLInout -> tAS400Output subjobs. I would like to create one row in a log file every time a subjob is done. Therefore I connected all TAS400Outputs to one single tWarn (onComponentOk) which messages are catched by tLogCatcher -> tLogRow.
Is there a way to define the name of the connected tAS400Output within tWarn? I haven't found anything in the variables list and using a generic message like "finished" isn't my goal. Also I don't want to create a couple of child jobs (where there is a variable) and run them from a parent job.
Any idea is appreciated!
Many thanks,
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Re: How to pass Component's Name to connected TWarn?

Hi Reiko,
Yup, I guess we cannot capture the component names unless you manipulate it in the template ( jar file of each component). My suggestion is, though it's kind a old school, why not put each twarn component to each tAS400Output?