How to monitor long running job in talend

Is there any way in Talend by which it can be monitored and stastics can be captured for below scenarios-
1) If a job is hanging for long or is stuck but still it is showing in running state.
2) If a job is trying to perform any operation like write to any file/database object but it is taking too long time than expected.
Our requirement is to notify in case any job is running too long than expected.
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Re: How to monitor long running job in talend

You can switch on statistics and write them to a file, for example.
You can then monitor these files, to see what's going on, depending on your requirements.
Provided that your Job is updating these during normal operation, it should be easy to detect a 'hung' Job.
I have written a Talend Job that monitors the log files of other Jobs, to detect if they're showing activity. It works well.