How to maintain the modification history in Talend ?

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How to maintain the modification history in Talend ?

Normally in Java or other code, we have an option to enter comments and Change history where we keep all the changes made by who, when, for what, description of changes. Here in talend how do we maintain ? Is the Job becomes very big over the period, impact analysis for any new changes would be little difficult. Of course, storing hive or other code in external files would help (instead of coding directly in component). However, do we have an option to maintain version changes in Talend designer window ?


Re: How to maintain the modification history in Talend ?



Can you be more specific on your level of expectation and the context of it ? 

In the Studio today, you have the ability to rely on an external source repository to manage the different versions of the job and keep history. 

In Talend Integration Cloud, we propose versioning to be able to correlate with what is in the studio and also control updates that are applied to the production environment.




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