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How to loop between pre-configured connections

I am building a job, which is supposed to gather from several source databases into a central one, all of them having the same schemas and structure.
The one think I cannot figure out, is how to make one job per a specific table (remember, this table is the same in all sources and destinations), but to execute it for all the source destinations one after one.
I was considering changing the 'connection' variable of the input and output compoments. At the moment, I'm having one jobe for each of those sources, always just with a diffferent connection for the source.
The connection variable is used in commit, rollback, input and output compoments in that particular jobs.
Using Firebird.
Maybe I'm just dull and this might be solved in easier manner, just looking for an inspiration here, thank you for any hints and responses.
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Re: How to loop between pre-configured connections

I would suggest using a context variable for the important parts of the connection (e.g. host, database, user, password).
Lets give that job an name: worker-job.
Now you create a new job called trigger-job and this job iterates through a list (with the important parameters) of your databases and calls for every iteration the worker job via tRunJob. You have to set the context variables from your list for the context variables host, database user, password and so on.
This way you can reuse your job for various databases and collect your data in an automated process.