How to log the contents of file comparison.

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How to log the contents of file comparison.

How to log the contents of file comparison
As a prerequisite for reconversion processing by modifying the conversion source input file, files before and after the modification are compared.
There is a requirement to log the correction points.
Currently, tFileCompare and tAssert are row-connected, received by tAssertCatcher and log output processing.
I got it together, but only the information of the comparison result (difference / none) has come out.
Can you teach me how to output logs of differences?


Re: How to log the contents of file comparison.


What does your expected result look like? Could you please set an example for us?

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Re: How to log the contents of file comparison.


Thank you for your prompt response.

The image of the execution result is as follows.

 1.OriginalData as input 1, Journal data.

2.ReferData as input 2,

The contents of the two files are the same layout.

Compare 1 and 2, and output different points in the CompareLog file.


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