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How to iterate over a JSON file and write in MySQL

Hi, guys.

First thing first, I'm working with some JSON files which contains the following structure:



At this point of my project, for each tag in the array "tag", I need to create a register on my database with this tag and the ID. It should look like that:


ID         | tag

"123wer" | "123",
"123wer" | "abc",
"123wer" | "def",
"123wer" | "456"


Can somebody help me to create this workflow on Talend? 


P.S.: another problem that I'm facing happens when I try to extract the tags in this array. For example, even using tags[*] on the tExtractJSONFields, this field is been extracted with the brackets ( [ "123", "abc""def", "456"] ). I wonder whether I need to remove them before iterate and write the registers on my database.


Thank you in advance


Re: How to iterate over a JSON file and write in MySQL


We are working on your use case and then come back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for your time.

Best regards


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