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How to import talend build job in eclipse

I'm using TOS for ESB 6.3.0 and created one job with tRESTClient.
My Job is:  tMongoDBConnection --> tRESTClient -->tExtractXMLFile --> tXMLMap  -->tMongoDBOutput
I've build the above job and created zip folder, then extracted the folder also. Now am trying for import the job into eclipse. i can select the folder but i couldn't import. How to import the talend build job into eclipse?

Re: How to import talend build job in eclipse

So far, Talend Studio allows you to export the Job script and call it from external Java applications like Eclipse or Netbean.
Please refer to this KB article about:TalendHelpCenter:Calling a Talend Job from an external Java application.
Let us know if it is Ok with you.
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