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How to import IMAP emails into MySQL tables

Need to connect to IMAP server and read in emails (selecting on fields in the email headers) and insert email contents into 3 tables in a MySQL db.
Any suggestion on how to get started on this - or, is there a demo project available, which reads mail from IMAP, and inserts into multiple MySQL tables.
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Re: How to import IMAP emails into MySQL tables

You can use the tPOP component to download the e-mails as files, it works for POP3 and IMAP. The contents of the e-mails can be processed using the tFileInputMail to extract the fields from the e-mails, see:
The idea might be this:
tPOP --iterate--> tFileInputMail --main--> further processing/filtering --main--> to DB
You can consult the help function, to view scenarios (press F1 on a component)
I hope this gets you started.