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How to implement PL/SQL Cursor with TOS ?

Hi everybody , 
I must to transform a PL/SQL ETL to Talend.
Someone can say me if it's possible to implement pl/sql cursor with TOS ?
If yes , how plz ?
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Re: How to implement PL/SQL Cursor with TOS ?

A cursor is simply a pointer within a result set.
Every input component uses cursors to step through the result set. Therefore you could simply run a query and you will use a cursor implicitly.
If you want to build the functionality from your PL/SQL script into a ETL Talend job you will heavily rely in the tMap. You can think of the main input as an outer loop and do whats necessary for every record with the help of the tMap and lookups. 
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Re: How to implement PL/SQL Cursor with TOS ?

If you are trying to recreate your SQL ETL in Talend the first and biggest thing to consider is performance. Java data filtering is going to be slower than leaving it all in a DB to do the work. So, when you are importing your data into Talend, do as much of the filtering in the t{DB}Input components as possible. You can just lift and shift queries with multiple table joins into one t{DB}Input component if you wish. Lots of people will argue that "that isn't Talend", but from a performance point of view it makes complete sense to remove extraneous data before it gets to Talend. 
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