How to get the job error message from a route ?

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How to get the job error message from a route ?

Hi there,


I find this topic which talk about how to get the exception in a route. But it didn't answer at what I want to do.




I have a cOnException in my Route, and I would like to catch :

- the error message (which can be raised by a tDie) of my jobs

- the name of the job which is problematic

- the name of my current route (which must be : exchange.getContext().getName())


How can I get these information ?


Moreover, I have configure my cOnExeption as this, is that ok ?



The conversation above does not answer what I would like to do.


Thank you for your help !

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Re: How to get the job error message from a route ?


java.lang.Exception should catch all Exceptions for you. If you want to catch absolutely anything that could be thrown by the Route, you could try using java.lang.Exception and java.lang.Throwable.

Both tDie and tWarn components are closely related to the tLogCatcher component.They generally make sense when used alongside a tLogCatcher in order for the log data collected to be encapsulated and passed on to the output defined.

What does your DI job design look like?

Best regards


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