How to get NB_LINE in tPostgresPlusRow?

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How to get NB_LINE in tPostgresPlusRow?

Hi, I have a question.


t[DB]Output component have NB_LINE_(update/insert,delete,rejected) row, but t[DB]Row component doesn't have those NB_LINE, only have "ERROR_MESSAGE,QUERY".


How to get NB_LINE or deleted row count from the tPostgresPlusRow component?  


My query just " delete from [table] where a = 'some value' -->> want to get deleted row count.




Re: How to get NB_LINE in tPostgresPlusRow?


There is no global variable like ((Integer)globalMap.get("tPostgresPlusOutput_1_NB_LINE_DELETED")) available if you use tPostgresPlusRow to execute the statements, if you want to count the number of rows are deleted or updated, you have to use tPostgresPlusOutput to do it.

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