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How to get Last modified date from tfileProperties

Hello, I want to extract file's last modified date and month. I am using tFileProperties (mtime_string) column but what I get is the date and time of file's last reference(i.e. when my job refers to tFileList and the file ultimately therein.) I am not modifying the file in anyway from my job.
What I expect is ---- If the file is zipped on say 3rd May 2016 and my job is running on 5th May 2016 then I want last modified date of the file as 3rd May 2016. Plz note the file is zipped file. How can I achieve this ? I also tried using Java code as below but it gives the same result i.e date and time job is running :
// assuming the correct filepath is given 
Long lastModified = file.lastModified();
Date date = new Date(lastModified);

Re: How to get Last modified date from tfileProperties

Could you please take a look at a related forum: to see if it works well for your use case?
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