How to get Http Status Code from tHttpRequest ?

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How to get Http Status Code from tHttpRequest ?

Dear Friends,
I have a question Regarding the Http Status code?
I have some temporary workflow as

tsetproxy (because tHttpRequest doesnt support proxy )-> tFileInputDelimited ->  tjavarow (to get URL) ->  tHttpRequest  -> tlogrow
I got only response content (image) from the tHttpRequest  
but is it possible to get http status code ? Example "200" 
or is any other component will help to just get response code?
i would like to do something like ?context.Http_Status_Code.equals(200)? and filter the data based on HTTP status code.
Thank you very much
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Re: How to get Http Status Code from tHttpRequest ?

Hi Krishnasamy,
If you are more concerned about the status codes you can us tRestClient component as it will give you the detailed information like statusCode,body(Document),string (String). So that you can validate the response data based on the status code more easily.
Initially I also faced the same issue and resolved it with the same.
Below is the screenshot of tRestClient component.

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