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How to generate recid when inserting into Microsoft AX Table?

This is related to this topic:
I cannot get the tMSAXInput connector to work.
So my next alternative is to directly access AX via the MSSQL Server tables. This bypasses the AX connector problems, and works in that I can query the data just fine.
The problem is that when you insert into an AX table, you have to generate a recid value. I've seen examples of how to do this if you are using etc., but I can't figure out a way to do this when inserting with Talend. So my question is simple - when doing an insert into an AX table, how can you, when doing the insert with Talend, generate a recid value? AX will do this if you do it through the business layer, but inserting directly into the SQL tables bypasses this.
We are using MS Dynamics AX 2009.