How to export data with Arabic characters

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How to export data with Arabic characters

I had an application that used a S y base 8 database. However, the application is not working anymore and the vendor went out of business.

Therefore, I've been trying to extract the data from the database, which has Arabic characters. When I connect to the database and display the contents, Arabic characters do not display correctly; instead, it looks something like ÇáÏãÇã.

Which is incorrect. I tried to export the data to a text file. Same result. Tried to save the text file with UTF-8 encoding, but to no avail.

I have no idea what collation the tables are set to. Is there a way to export the data correctly, or convert it to the correct encoding?


Re: How to export data with Arabic characters

You need to know which format the database is in.  It could be latin or others as well, which would encode the characters differently to UTF-8.  In your case, it seems it is not UTF-8.  Very old systems may be using latin or other windows character set.


You need to read the data in the format it was stored in the database. If you don't know the character set of the database, then you are in a tough position.  You will need to try the character sets.