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How to export big data to Excel?

Hi guys! I need some orientation about a thing. Well I've a big MySQL database and I need to export some data to Excel, that's ok and I can do that with Open Studio.
But Excel have some limitations about the rows count (in 2003 near of 300.000), and here is my question:
Can I, somehow count the number of rows and if I have a number like 300.000 to create another file with another name?
Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Re: How to export big data to Excel?

You can do a "select count(0) from yourTable" before the extraction. After you have juste to filter your output in a tMap to export on Excel or CSV file.
You can also do this dynamically with a sequence routines.Numeric.sequence("sequenceName", 0, 1) on your tMap. It's easy to filter the output with a new variable column.
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Re: How to export big data to Excel?

Hi eguerin thanks for your reply.
So I've no problems to export my data via tMap to an Excel, my problem is the data count because I've to many rows.
I was checking about Numeric.sequence, but I can't understand for now how I can dynamically create Excel files with this variable... I'm very lost please help.
Thanks in advance, regards.