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How to execute a command in tSSH?

I have a oracle Table as below

job name | process_timings
job001 | 12:00
job002 | 10:30

I have a unix script which creates a .csv file having job name whose process_timings matches with current system time .
It works fine in unix .
For Eg : If the system time is 10:30 then output .csv has
Now i need to run this script via talend tssh .
my job has only tSSH stage with unix command . its creating a .csv file but not fetching the job_name that matches .
Does i need to add any more stages or function along with tSSH stage ?
Can anyone pls suggest me for this issue ?
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Re: How to execute a command in tSSH?

I don't understand you very well. tSSH is only used to set up a SSH channel and execute unix commands. The job_name is written in the generated csv file, do you use a tFileInputDelimited to read this information from the csv file in the job?
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Re: How to execute a command in tSSH?

Hi Shong,
I used tSystem instead of tSSH .

I need to execute this unix script "/chrt/cifdw/sch/zerodepjob bdw_cln" .
Pls help me how to invoke this script in tSystem ?
i have attached a image along pls refer that and suggest me if any thing needs to change .