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How to do incremental loading in talend

I am getting source data on daily basis, how can we do incremental loading in talend. Please provide me the sample example.
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Re: How to do incremental loading in talend

Incremental loading with Talend can be done like in any other tools. You have to measure in your job the necessary time stamps of sequence values and keep the highest value for the next run and use this value in a query where condition to start reading all rows with higher values.
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Re: How to do incremental loading in talend

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Can you please elaborate this  using some job and components... and how to implement it




Re: How to do incremental loading in talend



     You can do the incremental load as follows :-

a) Extract the last run date from the DB and store in context variable. Also store the current time in another context variable.

b)  Execute the SQL query from source database to extract the incremental data. Make sure your query's where clause is having both last run date and current system date stored in context variables.

c) Once the data extraction is complete, load the new system date from context variable to configuration table storing last run dates.





Another approach to extract the delta data is to implement the CDC (Change Data Capture) in source tables. Below link can give details about Talend CDC capabilities.


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