How to design job for Salesforce object .

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How to design job for Salesforce object .

I want to create a job on Talend (tos big data ) that will take a text file (tab delimited) and process it to either update or add new records into Account object in the Salesforce Org. Once that is processed, it will take a second text file (tab delimited) and will load in the associated custom object. If the parent account doesn't exists it will log it as an error in the log file and continue to process all other records.

If in any file, a given row is not tab delimited then throw an error in the log file. I want a separate log file for both input files.


How do i design  job for it ?  Please advice. 


Any help on it would be much appreciated ?


Re: How to design job for Salesforce object .

Why is it big data?  

You can use the Talend Salesforce components.  You should use bulk exec to load in bulk if you have huge volumes since Salesforce has API limits on how many calls you can do per day.

The Talend Salesforce components have reject links which can show the reject.


However, you better make sure your input file is correct first.  There is no point pushing data to salesforce if your input file has errors.  You should do tSchemaComplianceCheck and check for your file data is matching the schema compliance.