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How to deploy external jars to Talend Runtime

I have a route that calls a WebService.
I've generated a client for the WS with SEI, import the jar via a cConfig.
It works perfectly in the studio. But when another team member tries to run the service, it fails, the external .jar is missing.
How to deploy the jar and make it available to other team members, and to talend runtime ?
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Re: How to deploy external jars to Talend Runtime

Hi Christophe,
If you right-click on the Route and select 'Edit Route Manifest', you should be able to influence how the route is built for deployment.
There are two things you could try:
1. Look for a check box by your imported Jar under Bundle-ClassPath and check it. Publish and deploy again. (I would try this first if you're looking for the simplest approach)
2. You could also package your required Jar as a Bundle (see Maven Bundle Plugin) and deploy it to the container independently. Then you may have to add the required Java packages to the Import-Packages list in the bundle manifest.
I hope that helps,
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Re: How to deploy external jars to Talend Runtime

I've look at the first solution, which solve déployment problem, thanks.
But starting the route from another team member studio (dev mode) doesn't work.
Is there a way to share the jar via archiva ?