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How to delete all data from Salesforce Object

I want to delete all data in a Salesforce Object with a Talend Job, is there a component to do that in an easy way?
I could do that with a Query, save the output (with the Salesforce IDs) as a CSV File and to a Bulk Delete with the corresponding component; is there an easier way to do that?
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Re: How to delete all data from Salesforce Object

This is the approach I take.
I have a single Job and list my Object names in tFixedFlowInput, or I could externalise them.
The Job iterates through these, extracts the Salesforce Ids to a file and then uses that file to perform a bulk delete.
This approach also allows me to constrain the deletes based on Owner, Creation Timestamp and Record Id etc.
It also allows me to place a tMsgBox between the Id collection and delete (showing some useful information) just incase I'm pointing to the wrong Org!
This is a simple Job that is simply driven by a list of Object names, and using components that are configured by these.