How to debug the TOracleSCD component

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How to debug the TOracleSCD component

I'm having a data issue when using the TOracleSCD component and I would like to see the actual statements being submitted to the database? I enabled DEBUG mode on the component...however I'm not able to get the information I need. Is it possible to see the insert or update statements that Talend is executing against the database?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Re: How to debug the TOracleSCD component

There is a related SCD Component scenario SCD management methodologies, perhaps it will be useful for your job.
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Re: How to debug the TOracleSCD component

Hi Sabrina,
I guess I should have clarified that my issue is actually a performance issue.
I was thinking it may be helpful to see what statements Talend is sending to the you can do with TOracleOutput. Is there a way to do this?
Can I step through the SCD component row by row?
I've enabled memory saving mode and it does not seem to improve performance and I would like to verify that my table structure is optimal for the way Talend is updating (ie indexes, column order, etc)
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Re: How to debug the TOracleSCD component

I'd like to push this.
Is there any way to log the executed queries of an SCD Component?
I get an ORA-01858 Error for example and without knowing which Query/Row raised this error I will never find the reason...
EDIT: I added a JIRA Issue for this need:

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