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How to deal with Output from tIntervalMatch component?

Hi Expert,
I have some tIntervalMatch in the job, the example is just like the flow in picture below. (but actually not only 2 intervalComponents lookup, but around 4 or 5 Lookups with Range Value.) 

Since I have more than one tIntervalMatch side by side, I Opened the first tInterval and seems like everythings seems normal and nothing so weird. 
In the output schema, I can see the LOOKUP output column as new added column. 
--> My 1st Question, "How do I rename the "LOOKUP" output name?" The one which green colored by TOS.

Okay, on my second tIntervalMatch I opened and found below screenshot. Since the output can't be rename, from my understanding, seems like the Output of 2nd tIntervalMatch are going to be overwritten by my 1st tIntervalMatch Output. I just assumed, because the name are same.

--> My 2nd Question, How do we deal with this kind of flow? What should we do if we have more than 1 tIntervalMatch in the flow. 
I was thinking to put tMap between each of tIntervalMatch only for mapping and rename the output. But based on the performance wise, I don't think that is a correct idea, since I have around 4 to 5 tIntervalMatch. I would be ended with adding another 5 tMaps if using that approach.
Please kindly your solution.

Re: How to deal with Output from tIntervalMatch component?

Have you already checked component reference about:TalendHelpCenter:tIntervalMatch?
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Re: How to deal with Output from tIntervalMatch component?

Yes, I saw that one. I think on the sample given it is only for 1 tIntervalMatch..
In my case I need some tIntervalMatch, because there are some lookup range key. 
So the question is, how to make the 1st result not be overwritten by the 2nd tIntervalMatch result?
Thanks xdshi