How to create realtime processing with Talend ESB

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How to create realtime processing with Talend ESB



I'm using Talend 6.2 enterprise version.


I have one rest api which gets the information of users when ever any user subscribe a website. I want to consume this information on real time. I can develop a job in talend DI but not aware of how to develop a service which will allow my api to keep listening for getting the information. And once get the information will send to Talend DI for further processing.


Can anyone give me any example of how to create the job for this scenario in Talend with ESB ?


After that once service and Talend DI is ready, What is procedure of deployment in Tac with service and Talend DI in Tac ?

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Re: How to create realtime processing with Talend ESB

Hi Kate,


Please see my reply to your other thread, and please avoid asking essentially the same question multiple times on different threads.


The same answer applies to all three of your posts - in essence, you can use ESB to achieve this, and there are quite a few things you'll need to get to grips with in order to create these services.


The easiest way to do this is by reading the Getting Started Guide, which clearly explains everything you require in this case, and there are several examples which are covered in detail. Having completed these tutorials, you'll know enough to do what you require.


You'll find the guide here:







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