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How to create a star schema with Talend ??

Hello Everybody!
I have a excel file witch I do the Extract, the transformation and the loading in dababase MySQL 5.0.Everythins is ok but the next step for me It's to create a data model : schema star, the problem it's I don't know how to start , I tried te seached in the internet but I didn't found any thing for help!!
Please help me!
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Re: How to create a star schema with Talend ??

This is what I think, for having worked with this kind of schemas in business intelligence projects.
A schema star is just a data model, you say it right. It will describe the content of the different classes and the relationships between them. You can draw this schema on a sheet of paper in UML language.
Then you'll have to implement this schema, which means setting up the database structure. One table for every UML class and foreign keys for the links. Refer to SQL documentation.
Talend will be your best friend when comes the time to fill the database. To work with it on Talend, just consider a bunch of separate tables. The only problems you will encounter are foreign key dependancies, and you will have to fill the tables in an appropriate order.
Have fun