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How to create a datawarehouse with talend

Hello guys,

I'm new to Talend Data Integration and I need help for my final year project.

I have to create a datawarehouse in Talend using 12 months csv files which contain the consommation of water for an intership , the csv files contain the same columns ( only data changes) 

Can someone please give me the process and the tools to create an (ETL) and extract it to Hive databese in cloudera.

Each file contains almost 253000 record.

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Re: How to create a datawarehouse with talend

I tell you what, why don't you try out a few tutorials in Talend, do a bit of reading about data warehouses, then give this a go. When you hit a specific problem, give us the details of that specific problem, and we will quite happily help you out :-)

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