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How to convert EBCDIC file into ASCII using Talend Data Mapper

Hi Guys,
We have been tasked to convert EBCDIC file into ASCII. From what we have researched so far, it seems that the current versions of Talend does not support the tFileInputEBSDIC component anymore and instead will utilize the Talend Data Mapper. 
We have limited knowledge of the Data Mapper and what we followed so far was the tutorial in this link:
From the talend link, we have selected New Structure -> Import a Structure definition -> COBOL Copybook -> Import EBCDIC File
In trying to import the EBCDIC file, we have selected the Character Encoding as IBM037. The copybook format as "FREE FORM". We have also selected that the file has record that is separated by a new line character. 
But we have been getting a parsing error and we must check that our start and end settings are correct. 
Anyways, If any of you have more documentation or anything that would help us convert EBCDIC to ASCII using Talend, it would be gladly appreciated. 

Re: How to convert EBCDIC file into ASCII using Talend Data Mapper

This tutorial is for 5.4. What's the build version you are using? Have you already checked online document about:TalendHelpCenter:Mapping EDI?
Let us know if it is Ok with you.
Best regards
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