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How to connect to Microsoft CRM 2013 On Premise ?

Hello everybody !


I'm having difficulties to connect to Ms CRM 2013. It gives me 401 errors no matter what: 


org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Transport error: 401 Error: Unauthorized


I have tried to put the login in various forms, domain\login, login, email address, etc... etc... It's never accepting the login & password. They are valid though, and in the event viewer on the server, I can see that a session is opening, but a few seconds later, it's closed. I don't know where else I should search for error messages. Could it be that the CRM server is not allowing this kind of connection ? (we are using ADFS to let user connect)


Any help or advice would be welcome ! 


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Re: How to connect to Microsoft CRM 2013 On Premise ?


Ask you CRM admin. He/she should give you more info about what causes the inssue.