How to connect to Microsoft Azure using cMQConnectionFactory

Talend Version     6.1.1


Connecting to Microsoft Azure using cMQConnectionFactory.
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Product Talend ESB
Component cMQConnectionFactory and cAMQP
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In order to send messages to the Microsoft Azure queue using the cAMQP component, you have to configure connection factory.

Following are the steps to set up a connection to Azure in the cMQConnectionFactory component if the Azure endpoint is something like:

  1. In the cMQConnectionFactory component, set the Host and Port as follows:

    • Host: ""

      Note: the special characters in the key need to be substituted with their hex characters. In this example, the plus sign was replaced with %2B and the equals sign was replaced with %3D.

    • Port: "5671"

  2. Select Use SSL.


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Hi Team,


Is this component available in Talend ESB / talend Big data open studio versions ?

i'm using Talend open studio for DI.


Do we need to use enterprise version for to get this componet ?