How to connect Cassandra with Talend job

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How to connect Cassandra with Talend job

I have installed trial version of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration and Datastax Cassandra. I want to access a table created in Cassandra and want to use it in my Talend Job. Please suggest if anybody has done it.

Re: How to connect Cassandra with Talend job

Here is a component TalendHelpCenter:tCassandraInput which allows you to read data from a Cassandra keyspace and send data in the Talend flow.
Note:This component will be available in the Palette of Talend Studio on the condition that you have subscribed to one of the Talend solutions with Big Data.
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Re: How to connect Cassandra with Talend job

I am able to connect with Cassandra and able to retrieve the data. Can we retrieve bulk data (around 70000000 or 10 gb) via Talend ? As my requirement I need to extract around 10GB data from Cassandra into multiple csv files. 
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Re: How to connect Cassandra with Talend job

Enter the URL of the Cassandra server you need the Job to connect to. Type in the listening port number of the Cassandra server to be connected to. Fill in this field with the username for the Cassandra authentication. Fill in this field with the password for the Cassandra authentication.


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