How to combine 2 streams in Talend

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How to combine 2 streams in Talend

Hi Folks,


I want to know how to combine 2 streams and push it to database.


Please refer the screen shot. I want to combine tAgreegateRow_1 to tMap3, all club this output individually and pass it to database.

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Re: How to combine 2 streams in Talend

This is just not possible to merge 2 flows issued from a tReplicate or a tMap in the same subjob where they have been created.
You need store the tAggregateRow result into a tHashOutput or a file if you prefer.
You also need to replace the tMySQLOutput by a tHashOutput.
Then, start a new subjob by a tHashInput associated to one of the tHashOutput connected to the tFileList component by an onSubjobOk trigger.
Finally, connect this flow to a tMap. Connections a 2nd tHashInput associated to the other tHashOutput as a lookup and push the result from the tMap to your tMySQLOutput.
Hope this help.