How to change tMap temp file encoding format when we enable store temp data = true?

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How to change tMap temp file encoding format when we enable store temp data = true?

Hi Guys,


I have an issue with my job on production environment.Here is the scenario of my actual job.


Job reads data from a csv file using tInputDelimited component and writes it into another csv file using tOutputDelimited component and in between there is a tmap component which has 3 lookups  connected to it.

And all the input and output file connectors has 'UTF-8' encoding format including look up components.

Input file has some accented characters in it but when it writes the data into target csv, all the special characters getting replaced with question marks ('?').

For example: 

Input data: wöchentlich,árbol,único

Output data: w??chentlich, a?rbol, u?nico

Expected data: wöchentlich,árbol,único


After investigating the issue, I have found that it is because of a temp file which is getting generated internally to store data on disk when we enable store temp data option as true in tMap, especially for large data sets.

This temp file which is generating on linux machine is automatically getting converting from UTF-8 to the default system localle encoding format.

job_scenario.pngjob scenario



So my question is how can I change the temp file encoding format with in Talend? Any other suggestions or ideas to overcome this issue would be great helpful for me.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: How to change tMap temp file encoding format when we enable store temp data = true?

Not sure it will work but you can try to force the default encoding for the job.
Go to Run tab, Advanced settings then add a specific JVM argument like this one:


Let us know.


Note: didn't saw you have already test this option with success



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