How to call BPM process from Talend ESB?

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How to call BPM process from Talend ESB?


I want to call the BPM process from the Talend ESB
I am using Bonita open Solution Community edition (5.6.3) and the Talend ESB V5
I have used the tBonitaInstantiateProcess component to call the BPM process which is already deployed on the bonita runtime.
Talend Studio is having the tBonitaInstantiateProcess component support for the version 5.2.3 , 5.3.1 and 5.6.1
I ahve configured the component for the 5.6.1. And on execution of the process i am getting the below error
tarting job BPMProcess at 17:14 25/10/2012.

connecting to socket on port 3400
Bonita Error: bai_QDAPII_5
Can't find a process with uuid Test_BPM_Process--1.0
Job BPMProcess ended at 17:14 25/10/2012.

Please guide us on how to call the BPM process from Talend ESB.

Re: How to call BPM process from Talend ESB?

Would you mind providing the screenshots to us.
1. The screenshot of component tBonitaDeploy.
2. The screenshot of component tBonitaInstantiateProcess
We will appreciate that the job flow has been given to us.
From your error info, we doubt that something wrong with your configuring the settings of tBonitaDeploy.

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