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How to automate Talend job creation?

So here is a bit of a different question. I have a project that requires I add about 250 tSalesForce input connectors and the same number of tMysqlOutput connectors. I'm basically taking several hundred SalesForce modules and extracting the data and dumping results into a Mysql database. This works. I use the metadata to query SF and get the schema, so all I have to do is drag it onto the job and let it create the tSalesForceInput connector (very nice btw). Then I copy/paste a tMysqlOutput connector, change the table name because it does not pick this up automatically, press Sync columns to sync the columns, and done. Works great, date gets retrieved as expected, mysql table populated as expected.. Repeat 249 more times.
Is there any way to automate or script the creation of a job like this?
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Re: How to automate Talend job creation?

Not with Talend Open Studio, I'm afraid. The Enterprise version of Talend has helpers to create jobs from templates (although I don't think it supports Salesforce) and also dynamic schemas so you can iterate over all your SalesForce modules with one tSalesForceInput --> tMysqlOutput job without having to specify the different schemas.