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How to access iterator value in tLoop?

When iterating using tLoop, is it possible to access the current value of the iterator from the downstream component? If so, how would I go about doing that? I am looking to do a crude unpivot using tFLowToIterate, tLoop and tFixedFlowInput, but I would like to retrieve columns that are named using integers (e.g., column_1, column_2) from the globalMap in tFixedFlowInput.
Essentially, I would like to provide a mapping in the tFixedFlowInput that looks like:
(Integer) globalMap.get("column_" + currentLoopValue.toString())
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Re: How to access iterator value in tLoop?

Use : ((Integer)globalMap.get("tLoop_1_CURRENT_VALUE"))
(you can access it by autocompletion, when writing "tLoop_1" (the actual name of your component) then Ctrl+Space)