How to Set Up a Websphere MQ in Windows XP


There are some Mom components, such as tMomInput, tMomOutput, tMomConnection, which support WebSphere MQ. Therefore, you need to set up a WebSphere MQ Server.


This article explains how to set up a WebSphere MQ Server on Windows XP, and how to design a Talend Job using the tMomInput / tMomOutput components to transmit and receive MQ information.


You can download a WebSphere MQ installer trial version from this website



Windows XP 32bit,WMQv600Trial-x86_win,Talend-Studio-r104014-V5.3.1.



  1. Unzip Click the Setup icon.


  2. Open [Websphere MQ Explorer].


  3. Create a queue manager named talend. To do so, type the name of the queue manager, talend, into the Queue manager name field.

  4. Set the other parameters as needed, then click Next.


  5. Select the check boxes and click Next.


  6. Select the check box in the middle of the wizard and, in the Listen in port number field, type in the number of the listening port, for example 1414.

  7. Click Finish.

    image2013-12-6 10-55-2.png

  8. You can see the content of your queue manager.

    image2013-12-6 14-1-10.png

  9. Create a Local Queue. To do so, right-click the Queues folder, under IBM WebSphere MQ > Queue Managers > talend nodes.

  10. In the contextual menu, select New > Local Queue.

  11. Follow the steps in the wizard.


  12. Create a Server Connection channel. To do so, right-click the Channel folder, under IBM WebSphere MQ > Queue Managers > talend nodes.

  13. In the contextual menu, select New > Server-connection Channel.


  14. Create a new MQ account. Add your MQ client computer user in the MQ Server machine. In this example, the client is Windows 7 64bit under qwei user. You need to add qwei in the MQ Server for Windows XP, and mqm as member of qwei.


  15. Create a new Talend Job with a tMomOutput, an input component, and a tLogRow to print the results in the console.

  16. Set the parameters as needed.

    image2013-12-6 16-27-27.png

  17. Run the Job by pressing F6.

    image2013-12-6 16-30-0.png

  18. Go to your WebSphere MQ Server and open the [Message browser].

    image2013-12-6 16-31-49.png

Contributed by Qiuhong Wei.

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