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How to Log Results Off of an Iterate Component

I have a process that iterates through a file list and decompresses files that can be decompressed. Upon a successful operation I delete the original archive file. Now I want to write an entry into a database table indicating that the file was decompressed properly. I wanted to use a tMap to write the file to the database but I cannot connect an Iterate link to the tMap.
Another approach that was suggested is to use a "Run if" trigger off of the tDeleteFile component but I am not sure if that triggers each time the file is deleted or only once after the list is processed. This is important because I need the name of the file that was deleted and that is only available on the tFileList component during the iteration.
Any ideas?
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Re: How to Log Results Off of an Iterate Component

Why is it that you work on a problem for a period of time but it isn't until you post a help request that you figure it out? In this case the answer was in the tIterateToFlow component. This allowed me to write a log entry for each iteration step. It even provided the ability to use a schema so I could write directly to the database. solved!