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How to Install external modules?



Trying to use Sybase IQ components I just noticed several horrible things:


a) There are not a component to SybaseIQInput (just Outputs, or Inputs for Sybase ASE, with is not the same). 


b) Folowwing a guide to connect using metadata conections, got to a wizard where I should download and Install a missing component,  the "Download and Install external modules" buton is in grey and I cant not use it, can't click on it.


c) Downloading manually the driver (jconn3.jar) was easy, but I don't know where to put it, every link I follow to learn about it is broken.(TalendHelpCenter:Installing external modules)


d) When I press on "How to install external modules" blue text on the wizard I get a broken link ...

(TalendHelpCenter:Installing external modules)


Do you know how to connect to Sybase IQ to read data from a table, and also where to put "jconn3.jar" ? How can learn how to manually install a driver can be so hard to find online?




Re: How to Install external modules?

In the 2.PNG screen, click on the Jar icon under the action column.  This will pop up a file browser to browse the file locally.  The file will be loaded into your studio, and if using TAC and Nexus, it will be uploaded to Nexus as well.


Re: How to Install external modules?


Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have moved to a new Doc portal hosted on the same URL. Because of the volume (number of versions, number of pages etc), we could not put in place a redirection from Confluence.

Please take a look at this topic: 


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Re: How to Install external modules?


Is there a way to install all the JAR files altogether without talend prompting it for each component.
I have installed TOS for BD and imported an existing project from TOS for DI, however now i also have to install each jars manually checking for each component.
Please suggest.