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How to Flatten tRESTlient JSON structure with Static code



I am trying to extract multiple row from a JSON tRESTClient input with some static data inject in the row creation. My JSON input look like so:


"OrderID": 6675,
"FirstName": "John",
"LastName": "Doe",

"Address": "123 spring st",

"OrderItemList": [
"ItemID": "736940759",
"ItemQty": 1,
"ItemDesc": "Widget One",
"ItemUnitPrice": 68.99,

"ItemID": "736940858",
"ItemQty": 1,
"ItemDesc": "Widget Two",

"ItemUnitPrice": 37.99,

"PromotionList": [
"PromotionName": "Code",
"Coupon": "Code",
"DiscountAmount": 9.6


I am trying to get the following out put



6675JohnDoe123 spring st Code7369407591Fine Product68.99
 6675John  Doe 123 spring st Code7369408581Good Product37.99
 6675 John Doe 123 spring stCode777771Discount -9.6


I have been pulling my hair out, any help would be greatly appreciated.