How does Java work in Talend?

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How does Java work in Talend?

I am trying to learn Java within Talend and seems to be running into errors. The code works fine here:
import java.util*;
import java.lang.*;
class Stringdemo
public static void main (String [] args) throws java.lang.Exception
String str1 = "Jake Wagner";
String str2 = "Tony Ruggeri";
String str3 = "tony ruGGeri";

// checking for equality
boolean retval1 = str2.equals(str1);
boolean retval2 = str2.equalsIgnoreCase(str3);

// prints the return value
System.out.println("str2 is equal to str1 = " + retval1);
System.out.println("str2 is equal to str3 = " + retval2);


Error in Talend using tJava:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems: 
Syntax error on token "import", assert expected
java.util cannot be resolved to a type
Syntax error on tokens, delete these tokens cannot be resolved to a type
Syntax error on tokens, delete these tokens
Syntax error on token "*", class expected
The method main cannot be declared static; static methods can only be declared in a static or top level type
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance,
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Re: How does Java work in Talend?

Move import to Advanced setting tab dedicated section.
If you need to declare classes and methods, use routine. In tJava* components, just use plain Java.

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