How can I setup Talend to do this?

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How can I setup Talend to do this?

Hi All,

I have a requirement to upload rows from a CSV file with a delay in between each row to allow batch processing to take place. I am running one row at a time as the logic behind the application is complex and, to stop 'too many SQL statements' exceptions, a batch size of 1 is to be used.

My question is' How can I setup Talend to do this?

I have a tFileInputDelimited linked to a tSleep then linked to a tSalesforceOutput component. I have set the attribute "Rows to Commit" to be 1 and so I have 2 transactions in Salesforce; one for each record in my test data. I am trying use the tSleep to put a 20 second pause between each call to Salesforce. The result is that the 2 records are created in seperate transactions but updated with no delay. What other components/configuration do I need?

Any help would be appreciated.




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Hello Everyone,


I had the batch setting to 1 and so was working correctly - I just needed to insert a tJavaRow component and add the line Thread.sleep(integer) to pause between each update.

So now I have a tFileInputDelimited linked to tJavaRow then to tSalesforceOuput. It all works as expected now. 





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