How can I check out a previous Revision of a Talend job?


In the Talend Studio, you might need to access a previous version of one of your items, for example a project. They will be stored in the SVN server that is used to manage the persistence of all the data relating to the objects (such as Jobs, Services, Routes, Business Models, Metadata, Routines, Documentation) stored in “svn” mode in the shared Repository of the Talend Studio.



To access a previous version:

  1. Install TortoiseSVN (
  2. Launch it and browse to your project to restore.


  3. Check out the revision of the project that you need to retrieve.


  4. In the Studio, create a new project.

  5. Restore the checked out file using "import option" in the Studio.


Bookshelf references

Follow the links below for more information regarding how to create a new project or how to import items:

Custom component

Importing/exporting items and building Routes and Jobs
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